Third and 5

You don’t never know until your time comes, y’know? When your time comes and you got all them grandkids, and you got kids like that, man…. just like you doin’ now, take up time with ’em. Because you won’t get this opportunity again. —Mr. Shorty Kai has shown his dad a generous spirit this summer, […]

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Killing the Babysitter

Today, as part of Daddy Camp, I taught my youngest, Kai, the joys of second breakfast and skateboarding to the movie theater (to be fair it was probably just a reinforcement of the joys of second breakfast). Later we tossed the ball, picked up his brother from baseball camp, and drove home, where I cooked […]

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The approach to Rainier was peppered with glimpses of what was to come, then the mountain would go out of sight. Eventually another bend in the road would bring a peek at the mountain, closer, bigger, then gone.
Another bend and a peek – holy shit it’s so much closer, bigger!
Turn, turn , turn.
Another bend and peek – duuuuuude, it’s biiiiggggerrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Turn, turn, turn.
It got bigger!!! Look at at!
Turn, turn,turn.
Another peek…..Jesus………

Can a mountain love you back?





Lopez Island

Leaving certain places stirs a satisfied melancholy. Riding the ferry back to mainland Washington after three days on Lopez, just such a pleasant melancholy settled in on me and it was not the reaction I’d expected heading into the trip. Why the melancholy? I don’t know. Finding love when you weren’t looking, then leaving….? Something about […]

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A Crew

“One can be a brother only in something. Where there is no tie that binds men, men are not united but merely lined up.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery These boys together make me happy. Even when they drive me crazy, knowing they’re together provides deep wells of contentment. In routine times around the house, in outings, in […]

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