“Take that poncho off before you sit on the toilet!” –words I never thought I’d yell from bed.    

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We Washed Them!

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End of a Long Day

Santana’s Zion

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My Man

My Man

God I love this kid.

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Man Weaving

Man Weaving Verb (past man wove; past part. man woven) The act of wearing your hands out whilst manipulating rope for hours to build kickass things, like a rope bridge for your boys.

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What Do You Nurture?

“…when I became pregnant everybody said ‘congratulations great great great great great!’ When I had the baby everyone said ‘congratulations great great great great great!’. Nobody told me that I had at that point mortgaged my heart for the entire rest of my life…” Fantastic talk by Sylvia Boorstein on kindness and equanimity in parenting. […]

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Six Words

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Is Good Enough?

Is this your best?

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Yosemite Kids

Rainy Day Creations

It’s been raining on us lately….

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Monday Momivational – Back At ‘Ya

Zen Flow Chart…

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