The file on Kickass Adventuring with Kids:

A cohesive unit, this crew has only recently come to official attention.  There seem to be more questions than answers out there.  The file, although only partially declassified, and continually expanding, will be brought to you on a need to know basis if you are cleared.  Following is what is generally known regarding the elements of Kickass Adventuring with Kids:

AJ: The shepherd of the crew, his energy radiates in encompassing spheres.  His strengths are his weaknesses, his weaknesses his strengths.  At his best when in motion, trusting innate instinct.  A solitary childhood being the genesis of his power and skill, his continued training necessitated a rejection of that solitary nature.  Possesses formidable ability still in its nascent stages.

Mickie: The crew’s compass, she is through and through a lady, yet effortlessly navigates traditionally masculine realms.  Her ability to disarm is eclipsed only by her ability to love. Slays naysayers for hobby, figuratively tight walking sans net at a moment’s notice, a genetic mutation at birth having eliminated her ‘fear gene’.  Legend says she is marked with the Lucky 7 – confirmation has never been obtained.  Doubt her under no circumstance.

Sebastian: Observant and incisive, he can be still for hours on end, then spring to action once a target’s weakness is identified.  To know him is to understand his subtle gestures and signals, these being revealed only once his curiosity and intellect are piqued.  But do not assume you know the inner thoughts – his poker face is legendary.

Santana: The protector, he brings the crew’s muscle.  Highly tuned strength, stamina, and coordination mask the passionate soul inside.  Lives in constant motion and loves overtly.  Sees threatening gestures toward any of the crew as personal, and deals retribution swiftly.  Can seemingly be swayed with a meal and a kiss, but underestimate his loyalty at your peril.

Baby Kai: The belly laugh will have you at the mercy of the one they call ‘Superman’.  It is said that subjects of his gaze find purpose revealed, recipients of his scream feel clarity crumble.  Can shift mood by 180 degrees then double back again.  Favorite take down move:  the finger squeeze.

Together they are Kickass Adventuring with Kids.

What’s so Kickass?

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