Is Good Enough?

Sometimes you arrive at a place and find you’re in the dark. You circle and you circle, looking for a perch, some resting spot, and hoping your gut leads you in the right direction, a place where you where you belong.

Continuing to circle is not an option, though it provides the illusion of safety, of the known, but the thought of misstep brings whispers of doubt. How can you commit to what you do not know? Have you seen everything? Have you weighed every option? How will you make the best choice?

And doesn’t that get us to the point? Making the best choice….the best as measured by what barometer? The best when compared to all possible choices? The best when extrapolated to the Nth degree of unknown?

Maybe, instead, you settle in and make a good decision. Doesn’t have to be the best. Just good. Solid. And it keeps you moving forward. Therein, perhaps, lies much of its goodness. Keeps you moving forward.

So you emerge from the darkness to see you’ve landed in barren, injured land. Now what?

If you agonized over the best choice you’re back to square one. Look where you’ve wound up for crying out loud! This was your best?

Ah, but if you settled on what was good….. Yes, at the time this was good. You needed to land and the paralysis of continuing to circle would have neutered any purpose to the journey. And here you are. There can be goodness in the barren as well, if you’re willing to see it, to be in it. Wander a little in the unexpected. Recognize the possibility of new growth amongst the seemingly destroyed. 

And the possibility that, just over the hill, a new story begins.

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