Campground Reviews

CampfireOne of our favorite activities, here we’ve put together a resource to help readers get a feel for camping opportunities, both in the SoCal area and beyond.

The criteria we use when judging a campground is fairly straightforward:

  • Beauty:  The whole point of going is to be surrounded by natural beauty.
  • Isolation:  Are you pitching a tent next to an RV?  Do you have to hike in half a mile?
  • Amenities:  No showers is fine, but you’ll want to know that before you go.


Leo Carrillo Tree SleeperLeo Carrillo State Park

Camping at Buckhorn with SantanaBuckhorn Campground

El Capitan State BeachEl Capitan State Beach

Breakfast on JalamaJalama Beach County Park

Malibu Canyon Swimming HoleMalibu Creek

Point Reyes FlowerPoint Reyes

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