Da Fuq Friday: Blackbird

Probably my favorite Beatles tune, and it’s a point of pride that the boys love the Beatles so much. That’s a check mark in the good parenting column.

Kai: There’s a bird who’s singing in the night and he’s a black bird and it’s a baby. His wings are not dry. People looked up and saw the blackbird and they tried to dry the wings and the bird couldn’t really see in the night. They want the blackbird to fly. The baby got lost because he went looking for the mother. It wouldn’t fly. After the song they take it and put it in the nest.

Santana: When you get something that you’ve been wanting and you’ve been begging a lot, when you get it receive it happily, don’t say “No I don’t want it”. When they say “Blackbird singing in the dead of night” they’re saying you’re being kind of rude. The Blackbird is you and the dead of night represents you being so mean. The person who’s giving stuff to the blackbird, he or she is trying to find what the blackbird likes, so they keep asking “Do you want this? Do you want this?” and the blackbird keeps saying “No, it’s too late.”

Sebastian: It’s all about freedom. It’s not actually about a blackbird, they’re just using it as a reference. It’s about freedom to do stuff that you usually don’t get to do, maybe because of your culture or race. Sometimes it’s really depressing. That’s why it says “singing in the dead of night”. It shows it’s kind of sad but you can find happiness in the dead of night. “You’ve been waiting for this moment to be free” means you just haven’t done it yet, you’ve been waiting to have freedom to do what you want to do. They could do it all along, they just weren’t brave enough. The guy singing, he’s saying take these things from me so you can be free. He’s a nice guy.


  1. I Love how Kai, Santana and Sebi express the Sining of Blackbird is so beautiful.

    Am so happy have they are my Grandchild.
    Love you

  2. Wow, one of my favorite Beatles tunes and what amazing interpretations! Kai’s youth and innocence and always wanting to add the happy ending “after the end of the song”; Santana’s great heart always moving toward being kind and aware; and Sebastian’s awareness of the world and life seemingly beyond his years! I love these boys so much!!

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