Da Fuq Friday: Gold on the Ceiling

By special request from Kai.

Kai: There’s gold on the roof and the people take it and make skateboards and make armor, like pads for the tummy and pads for the elbows and pads for the knees, with the gold. After the song, they ride their skateboards and sing the song. They put the gold onto this string to make necklaces. Their house is dirty and they put gold all over it to make it not that dirty. They try to make their house shiny, and it is shiny and they just want to get more gold so they go back to the place. They got to the store and they got more gold, and they made a project. Their project is smokey dusty houses and the smokey dusty houses have witches in them. And goblins. It’s a haunted house and they just break all their special pictures and the witches are sad and the goblins are happy. The witches try to fix their pictures but the goblins just step on the pictures every time they’re trying to glue them together. They don’t notice but the ghosts are doing that, not the goblins. The witches and goblins find gold at a store, on the roof (big sigh) and they put it all over the houses and it’s a shiny city in L.A. They are so happy and they go to the witches house, and goblins house and say to them “you’re famous!” When people are famous they get lots of money and then they get to be the president, because they have so much gold and they’re rich. Then the store said “you shouldn’t be the president and you shouldn’t be famous, because you stole our gold on the roof!” And they went to jail and they got disgusting food. The witch got out of jail with the goblins and they’re happy and they have fun at their golden house.

Santana: I think the song is about a guy who’s really rich and he’s saying it won’t be long before somebody tries to steal his money. (falls asleep)

Sebastian: It’s about someone who’s famous and people want the stuff that he has. They want his power and his riches, but he’s starting not to care anymore, starting not to care about people taking his stuff. You don’t really get to find out why he doesn’t care. He thinks “I don’t care what I make, cause you’re eventually gonna steal it.”


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