Da Fuq Friday: “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word”

Da fuq happened Elton?

Sebastian: I think it’s about a guy who likes a girl but the girl doesn’t like him and he doesn’t want the girl to say she doesn’t like him, even though he knows it’s true. That’s why in the song it says “sorry is the hardest word” because it’s like saying “Sorry, I don’t like you.”
He’s also wondering what will happen if she says “no” to liking him. That’s why it says “What will I do when lightening strikes me?” That’s what it’s representing.
He’s very depressed. He knows that the girl doesn’t like him and that’s why he says “It’s a sad sad situation.” He’s in a bad situation.

Santana: The guy, in the beginning of the song he says that his girlfriend or something left him and throughout the song he’s asking how can he fix the problem and that sorry won’t fix anything. He wanted to try to talk it out but it was hard because he couldn’t find the right words. Maybe he did a crime or something like that. She felt really disappointed and she thought “If this guy’s gonna get in crimes, I might get involved, and I don’t want to be involved in this.” It was hard for him to take in all of this tragic stuff that’s happening. She loves him but she doesn’t want to be involved. I don’t think he understands that.

Kai: When he says “I want to love you” I think he means that he wants to like, umm, be a father and she wants to be a mother but not with him. He feels sad. He wants to be involved with her and, like, have fun with both of them, and do work, with both together. He wants to be together to… like… to…have fun with somebody. He has nobody to have fun with. He was feeling sad and bugged her, he said “I want to be father and mother.”
After the song, he just visits her and they become father and mother. And they’re both happy. And play with each other. And they do work together. And it’s fun. To them. And they do dates together and music together and dancing together and birthdays together and play dress up together and play “funny hair” together, and play “roll the dice and if you get three numbers right you win” together. And they make crazy mouths, and play “what number am I talking about?” and if they get three right in a row they win. And it’s fun. To them. There. The end.



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