Dafuq Friday: California

A two for one on California:

Sebastian:  I think this song’s about….some guy is driving in the middle of the night and he needs to stop at a hotel. The only hotel is the Hotel California. So he stops and he goes in and it’s kind of weird. It feels a little haunted. He thinks he might be dead. He walks around and it’s strange. He meets a girl there, she works there. She tells him a secret about the hotel that she shouldn’t be telling: you can come in but you’re always trapped inside the hotel. There’s a beast inside the hotel. They make a plan for him to be able to get out: while she fights the beast he runs out and then is quiet…and he can still hear the voices from far away. Even when he gets back to his home, he can still hear the voices. It’s an adventure story.

Santana:  A guy is driving in the middle of the desert, and first he smells something, then sees a hotel. He thinks “I need to stop for the night and take a rest.” The people there say they all were trapped because they all went to the place where they all smelled something or something attracted them and they were deceived. The person who runs the hotel, he’s evil, he’s trying to trap people. Many people forget that they even had a past because they love the hotel so much. The guy, he finally meets the person that runs the hotel. The got so scared that he runs but he can’t find the place where he begin. My connection to the song is that in my book “Percy Jackson” they find a hotel and they go in and there’s so much cool stuff, video games, stuff that hypnotizes them, they’re in a whole other universe. Percy notices that something wrong is going on, something wasn’t right about the hotel, and he pulls them out after like an hour, but when they get out they realize that hour was three days.


Sebastian:  It’s about this guy who lives in a cold place in America, and it’s not a very happy place. Snowy, cold. It’s that dirty snow. The trees are never green they’re always brown. So he’s walking by himself and he’s thinking “If I lived in L.A. it would be so awesome. The warm weather…” He thinks it would be really friendly. He walks into a church and he pretends to pray to go to L.A., he wants to but he doesn’t for some reason. The preacher knows he’s going to stay, knows he’s always thinking about L.A. but he’s never going to go because his wife doesn’t want to.

Santana:  It’s about this guy. It’s really cold where he is and he’s thinking about “What if we lived in California, in L.A., and we wouldn’t have to stay in the cold weather!” So, they make a trip to California, and when they get there they notice how polluted and desert-like it is, it’s not relaxing, and so they didn’t really like L.A. in the end and they learn that the places where you might want to go aren’t necessarily the best places. So they go back to Alaska.

Kai:  So they go to Hotel California and it’s like sandy and windy, and the leaves are falling and they’re brown. And they’re coming out of the trees. They go to L.A. and they think it’s going to be really relaxing but it’s fall so the leaves fell into their mouth when they’re sleeping with their mouth open. When he woke up they couldn’t see because the leaves were on his eyes, and he couldn’t hear because the leaves were on his ears. They stayed in L.A. and then it’s winter and then it was snowing and they were so cold that they went back to Hotel California and they found out it’s more worse and they just, they went to their house and they couldn’t see because all the leaves were covering the windows. So they go to L.A. again, but they’re so cold. When he said he would be warm in L.A. he got it wrong. They just went to the desert but they forgot all their water, so they just covered themselves with sand and dug a hole and they came out at Hotel California and they wanted to fly to somewhere else so they went on an airplane and they got to a cruise ship (it was an airplane that lands on water) but all they got was next to Hotel California. Then they went to Ecuador, and there they rode a seal at the beach and the water was cold, so they got off the seals, and swam out of the water. They found a raccoon on a trail and they followed the raccoon to this little lake and they just jumped in it. They’re just so thirsty that they thought it was a lake and drank it but it was actually just mud. It got them really sick. They wanted to go back home but there were no airplanes or boats to go home and their legs got so tired that they asked a person to carry them. That person thought their home was on the ocean. They swam to their house and they thought they were touching it because they had goggles on but it was Hotel California and they had to walk all the way through it. They got so dirty that they couldn’t go to school because they were so sick.

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  1. Are you sure Kai wasn’t eating some funny mushrooms??!! We still haven’t stopped laughing.

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