Dafuq Friday: Let it Be

Sebastian:  I think it’s about a guy who wants world peace. He’s like, speaking words of wisdom, which is saying “stop fighting and let it be”. When it says “The light is shinning on me” it’s saying that God appreciates him for fighting in a peaceful way, for world peace. He’s saying “You can be this way to, you can shine through the dark”.

Santana:  It’s about a guy, he’s dreaming, and he’s in the forest. He sees something very mysterious, like some kind of plant and he’s about to touch it when he hears a voice. It says “Let it be”. He thinks it’s a warning and he does not touch the plant. When he wakes up, the last thing he remembers in his dream was Mother Nature saying “let it be” to him and he thought it was kind of like music. He hears whispers from the dream and it’s Mother Nature saying “Let it beee let it beee”. He thought about all the other people who might touch the plant in the forest and he was like “Oh no”.

Kai:  So he doesn’t want people to touch his stuff, so that’s why he’s saying “Let it be”. I think he’s meaning he needs to use the stuff for school or something like that. He doesn’t want them to touch it because he thinks they’re going to break it. It’s very special to him. They touch it and break it apart and then that’s where he’s saying “Let it be” a lot, and then he fixes it with different tools that he got from school. The teacher got really mad at him because they thought he broke it. He went to a different class and he had to sit in there, and it was kind of a mean teacher – that’s why they sat him in there. He got so mad that he just sneaked away and then went to the teacher’s room, and then the teacher got so mad that the teacher got, like, a headache and the next day she brought a substitute because she didn’t want to argue with the boy. The teacher didn’t go to school anymore and they thought the teacher was going to come back. Everyone was being mean to the boy then because they thought it was all his fault and he just went to a different school. They had another project and it was actually easier but the boy’s mom had a baby and the baby was like “I want to destroy this!” The boy says “Let it beeeeeeee” again. She doesn’t let it be. So, he screams at her, and the baby cries, and then he goes to school and he had to say “I didn’t break it”. But the teacher kept it a secret that she thought he was lying. The teacher said “Ok” and she tells all the students that she thinks he’s going to fail the project. He’s like “Yay” because he told her about the project, but when he gets to school all the kids are mean. Then he is mean then and he sees one person who believes him and that person lives next to him. She has, like, extra stuff to fix it and then he fixes it himself because no one can help him because it’s a test. The next day all the kids are nice and he lives happily ever after.

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