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Living an active lifestyle with kids requires ingenuity, tenacity, a sense of humor, and yes — some essential gear. Here you will find reviews of some of the gear that we’ve either purchased or developed to fit our lifestyle.  While living in smaller than you can imagine apartments in Manhattan for 8 years, we developed a keen sense of buying only the essentials and being creative when it comes to storage.  Some of the factors we keep in mind in regards to products:

  1. Use –  does it work?
  2. Affordability – does it fit the budget?
  3. Size – does it take up too much space?
  4. Simple styling – some baby stuff out there is horribly garish.
  5. Sanity – many unnecessary products are marketed and pushed as status symbols and/or necessities, baby products being no exception.

We like to live and travel lightly yet still take care of essential needs.  All gear listed we own and do actually use.  If you like the products you see and are interested in purchasing the essentials for your own kickass adventures, please visit our Kickass Gear Store.  A small percentage of the sales made through our store helps us feed our pet worm.

Essentials for “On the Go with Kids”

Bonus Gear Reviews

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