Lopez Island

Lopez Island Camping

Leaving certain places stirs a satisfied melancholy.

Riding the ferry back to mainland Washington after three days on Lopez, just such a pleasant melancholy settled in on me and it was not the reaction I’d expected heading into the trip. Why the melancholy? I don’t know. Finding love when you weren’t looking, then leaving….?

Watmough Bay

Something about Lopez got under our skin and made it the perfect way to kick off thisBoys camping tour of Washington. We needed to be together. At our best, together. Our boys are growing up and we not only get glimpses of how we will come to miss them in the future, they get glimpses of how they’ll miss each other, how life unrelentingly changes and nothing is forever.

We needed us, and everywhere we went that’s just what we got.

Maybe that was a bit of the melancholy. Another chance for us to dive into us, and knowing they wouldn’t come like this forever.

So let’s begin….again.

Sunset on Lopez Island



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  1. What a beautiful family experiencing the beauty of family and nature – together and consciously!

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