The approach to Rainier was peppered with glimpses of what was to come, then the mountain would go out of sight. Eventually another bend in the road would bring a peek at the mountain, closer, bigger, then gone.
Another bend and a peek – holy shit it’s so much closer, bigger!
Turn, turn , turn.
Another bend and peek – duuuuuude, it’s biiiiggggerrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Turn, turn, turn.
It got bigger!!! Look at at!
Turn, turn,turn.
Another peek…..Jesus………

Can a mountain love you back?






  1. As much or more excitement as they ever would have gotten on the Alaskan trip. I’m so glad you did this!!

  2. What a beautiful place, the pictures are beautiful.

    That experience you will never forget.
    Yes the Mountain Love you Back.

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